Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Book Reviews

Check out these new book reviews!!!

Micheal's Book Review:
Holes by Louis Sacher

The book Holes is about a boy who gets arrested for stealing a
pair of shoes from 'Sweet-Feet'. After a trial, he is convicted to go to a
prison camp called Camp Green Lake, where there is no lake. There is only
a desert with lots and lots and lots of sand. What he has to do for his
punishment is dig holes. A lot of holes. And there are these lizards
with thirteen yellow spots that live in old holes. They are extremely
poisonous and with one bit, the person or creature is dead. In the process
of digging holes, his friend Zero runs away and he runs after him and they go to
a mountain where they find food and water. They find a treasure in one of
the older holes that have been dug, and the treasure chest that they find is
actually one that this great-great grandfather lost! His dad suddenly becomes
rich and hires a lawyer to get his son out of the camp. Zero finds his
family too and everyone lives happily ever after.

What I liked about this book is that there are lots of facts that at first
seem unimportant but as you keep reading, you realize how important they
are. Holes is full of action, mystery and plot twists that make
this story really interesting.

Amelia's Book Review:

Pop Princess by Rachel Cohn

In the book Pop Princess luck has not been on Wonder's side. In fact her
sister lucky was hit by a drunk driver and the family hasn't been the same since. When Wonder gets a chance to have a record deal with a famous
music producer and a chance at falling in love it forces everyone in the
family to come to terms with Lucky's death. In this book, Wonder
passes from being a teenager to an adult and back to a teenager
in a matter of months. This is a great read that a lot of teens will love!

Thanks Amelia and Micheal! Keep those book reviews coming!


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