Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Need a Read???

Looking for a good book to read? You should be! Check out some of these great websites with awesome book reviews.

Reading Rants
Jennifer Hubert Swan is a Middle School Librarian in NYC and has a great website devoted to her weekly reading. She has tons of different book lists that cover all sorts of genres.


The Hip Librarian's Book Blog
Two librarians, April Mazza and Allison Peters started this blog to share books that they had currently read. Now a bunch of librarians update this blog regularly with new popular titles and their reviews.


Young Adult Library Associations Best Books for Young Adults
This website features the best books of the past 10 years that have been voted on by Teens across the country.


No Flying, No Tights
This website reviews all genres of comic books and graphic novels with separate areas designed specifically for teens, kids, and adults.


Don't forget to tell me about the books after you've read them so we can make a BookTalk Movie for the world to see!!


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