Thursday, January 17, 2008

Movie Review From Michael!

Michael has reviewed the movie Super Bad starring Michael Cera and Jonah Hill :

"Even though this movie came out a while ago, I finally got to watch it on DVD. I had heard it was funny and my brother was always using jokes from it so I decided to watch it. I thought it had an odd beginning. They were dancing to some disco music with a bunch of colors. It was a funny movie but I thought that the swearing was over done, especially with Jonah Hill's character. Jonah's character was a jerk to his friends and there wasn't much of a point to the movie. It was about a bunch of high school seniors that wanted to buy alcohol and hang out with girls. I did really like the cops in the movie and thought that they were really funny. Seth Rogan and Bill Hader play the cops in the film. I did not think that there was much point to the movie, but I did think that it had funny parts. I would recommend seeing this film."

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