Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Teen Book Reviews from Maggie!

Secrets of My Hollywood Life : Family Affairs by Jen Calonita

In this book, the main character Kaitlin Burke is filming for the hit show Family Affairs, which she co-stars in. Everyone in the cast is back including her long-time enemy, Sky Mackenzie. There is also a new girl named Alexis Holden who plays Colby, a poor girl who turns out being Kaitlin's character Sam's sister. Alexis seems really nice to everyone and Kaitlin is starting to like her, but Sky keeps saying how she is "evil" and "up to no good". Kaitlin thinks Sky is just jealous but soon Kaitlin finds Alexis hogging the press, talking trash to the press about her and Sky, and bossing around long time show veterans. This makes Kaitlin mad and jealous of Alexis, and soon finds herself teamed up with Sky! While Kaitling is trying to get Alexis off the show she also tried to find time to spend with her boyfriend Austin Meyers, and her best friend Liz Mendes. Liz and Austin both attend high-school and are busy taking driving classes, SAT's . and figuring out where they are going to college. Kaitlin can't help to feel left out and unsure of her future. She wonders if she should go to college, learn how to drive in case her acting career fails in the future! In the end, the show Family Affairs, ends up being canceled because the producer can't take all of the stress and bad popularity, and Kaitlin tells her family that she needs time to decide herself
what her next move in her career is and no one is going to choose it for her!
She ends up feeling confident in whatever will happen in her future!
The Secret Language of Girls by Frances O'Roark Dowell

In this book, the main characters are Kate and Marilyn. They have been best friends since they were little but Marilyn feels that she is becoming more mature than Kate. A new girl named Flannery, who is a year older than them moves into their neighborhood and becomes friends with them. Flannery convinces Marilyn to try out for cheer leading. She makes the squad but Flannery doesn't and they loose their friendship but Marilyn doesn't mind because she is friends with all of the cheerleaders. Marilyn and Kate aren't friends anymore and sometimes they miss each other, but both have moved on to new friendships. Kate has a boyfriend who is considered a nerd, made an exotic new friend and learned that it doesn't matter what other people think of you. Marilyn on the other hand, is super self-conscious, is on the cheer leading squad, gets invited to boy and girl parties and has parents who are getting a divorce. In the end, Marilyn stands up for Kate when her friends are going to do something mean and they start to become friends again!

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