Monday, September 29, 2008

Twilight Mosaic Maker!

Make a Twilight Mosaic using the Flickr Mosaic Maker!!!!!!
It is really easy, you just have to answer the following questions about Twilight with a one or two word answer. Then type that answer into flickr search box and copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into flickr Mosaic Maker to create a mosaic of the picture answer .

Here is the Mosaic that I made:

Make your very own with the following Twilight questions:
1.What is your first name? EMILY
2.What animal would you never ever drink blood from? FISH
3.Where would you and your fellow vampire friends like to live? SCOTLAND
4.Which character in the Twilight series do you most identify with? ALICE
5.Which power would you like to possess as a vampire? (ex: mind reading, flight etc.) STOP TIME
6.Which myth about vampires do you find most ridiculous? (ex: garlic, cross, holy water etc.) GARLIC
7.What in the entire world scares you the most? DROWNING
8.What type of mythical creature would be your worst enemy? LEPRECHAUN
9.What type of mythical creature would be your best friend? UNICORN
10.If you could bite any celebrity and turn them into your vampire mate, who would it be? JAKE GYLLENHAAL
11.What human food would you miss most if you became a vampire? PIZZA
12.If you were a werewolf, what color would you be? GRAY

good luck!!!


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It is remarkable

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It agree, it is a remarkable piece